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Fougeres Marines

Edp 100 ml Vapo

Montale’s take on a very classic theme in perfumery, fougere, is anything but traditional. The creators take fern out of its traditional foresty context and place it by the sea, thus achieving a quality that is simultaneously fresh, green and earthy. The floral-herbal lavender note is as cooling as ocean breeze and the spiciness of geranium is bracing and compliments beautifully the dark earthiness of patchouli and oakmoss in the base. Classic and avant-garde scent to be enjoyed by men and women alike.

fern, lavender, geranium, patchouli, oakmoss, musk.

  • Capacity 100
  • Main Notes According Profumi Marini
  • Profile Unisex

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Fougeres Marines (EDP 100)

Fougeres Marines (EDP 100)

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