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Fille En Aiguilles

EDP Concentreè 50ml Vapo.

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EDP Concentreè 50ml Vapo.
The name means “Girls in Needles” – and pine needles at that, rather than chic “talons aiguilles” (stiletto heels)… But boys can roll around in them too: this is a decidedly non-gendered, atmospheric scent.

Pine essence is a risky bet in perfumery: its medicinal, turpentine fumes conjure household disinfectants or cough drops and are particularly hard to tame. Serge Lutens, never one to shirk a challenge, opted for playing them up rather than tamping them down: the result is uncharacteristically raw, almost minimalist. In Filles en Aiguilles, the powerful resinous smell of pine is compounded by the camphor blast of vetiver and a wisp of gunpowder incense. Fruity fir balsam and the trademark Lutens candied fruit notes sweeten the blend without playing down its dark green radiance.
A searing afternoon in Mediterranean pine groves or a Californian forest; a Buddhist temple or Christmas morning; the hale aroma of a lumber yard; a painter’s studio strewn with turpentine-soaked rags… Whatever memories Filles en Aiguilles conjures, this poignantly evocative, meditative potion will somehow feel healing. You’ll need it this winter.

Fille en Aiguilles Notes:
Pine needles, vetiver, sugary sap, laurel, fir balsam, frankincense, candied fruit and spice.

  • Capacity 50
  • Main Notes According Profumi Speziati/Legnosi
  • Profile Feminine Fregrances
Giusppe F

Un profumo sicuramente particolare, a me ricorda tantissimo l'incenso delle chiese cattoliche... Sicuramente un profumo di carattere e difficile da domare, ma una volta che stempera un poco (del resto come tutti i Lutens) diventa un essenza decisamente affascinante e misteriosa

    Mariaelena F

    La potenza di questa fragranza è straordinaria !! Verde...verde...e balsamica aria di montagna.. no smog.. no rumori.. pulizia e nitidezza .. Davvero straordinario !!
    Ma è un aroma difficile da portare addoso, nel senso che è un aroma che ricorda troppo e troppo vividamente un ambiente naturale. Un profumo eccezionale per meditare, per raccogliersi in relax e riflessione, per dormire sonni profondi e fare sogni cristallini

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      Fille En Aiguilles

      Fille En Aiguilles

      EDP Concentreè 50ml Vapo.

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