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Blood Concept

Blood Concept, an innovative perfume brand created in 2010 by the Milanese Antonio Zuddas and Giovanni Castelli, defined a license agreement relies on the expertise of Intertrade Group and its master perfumers led by Celso Fadelli. Challenging new unprecedented olfactory paths, the project is also renewed in the guise, conceived by the founders of the brand in collaboration with Agenzia del Contemporaneo, to transform the product into an object with a strong visual impact. Cubic-shaped casket containing a volume in semitransparent black cylindrical glass and oversize matte black cap. The concept behind the brand remains true to its origins: interpreting the infinite nuances of human identity and its paths in the "sanguine" variable. Starting from a sophisticated rock mood, the new range consists of ten fragrances divided into three collections differentiated by different colors: carmine red for the line The RED series, anthracite gray for the BLACK series line, ultramarine blue for the UPSIDE DOWN series line. The names of the perfumes, always associated with blood groups, reveal an instinctual message that identifies their olfactory power and experience develops a world of sensory suggestions, stimulated by small inspirational traces. The launch of the new Blood Concept path is celebrated by a short movie directed by the director and photographer Paolo Santambrogio. The perfume, the main protagonist, dresses the skin like a powerful effluvium of love and leaves an indelible trace in the memory.