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Collection Croisiere

In the spring of 2015, Pierre Guillaume presents a collection entitled Collection Croisière (cruise collection), which will be added to the first 4 lines signed by Parfumerie Generale: This heavy turquoise glass plate follows the timeless guidelines of the PG bottle, balancing the large rectangular front part with the rounded corners. The cap is a bright black block, engraved with the PG logo. He proposes us to turn the page, to detach ourselves from all the creative "monomatter" paths such as oud, tuberose or leather and to approach, among others, a theme little represented in the artistic and often denigrated perfumery: the aquatic ones. On this cruise, to which Pierre Guillaume invites us, the theme of travel is evident; matter is no longer the central subject but becomes a simple narrative tool. The perfume, here more than ever in PG creations, expresses evocative power. Through the theme of travel, large spaces, wild nature and distant places will be expressed in the form of a fragrance.