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Miami Beach

Miami Beach's exclusive and official line of solar products.

All the charm and seduction of Florida paradise in an exclusive line of products with effectiveness guaranteed by the rigor of their formulation. Because protection is also a commitment to prevention. Miami Beach Suncare is the exclusive official Miami Beach solar line developed by Destination Brands International, a leading healthcare company present in Miami for four generations, in collaboration with the city.

A close partnership in 2013 on the occasion of the centenary of the city of Miami Beach and unique in its kind: the choice to create an official solar line of the city by relying on a manufacturing company that could guarantee the highest product quality and the ability to use the specific natural elements of the Miami beaches in the product formulations, to offer all the benefits and also recreate the sensorial experience. A partnership that aims to combine the rigor of the most advanced and clinically tested formulations with all the glamor of Miami Beach in a product line that brings the exclusive and 'cool' experience of the most famous beaches in the world to life while offering maximum safety in protecting the skin from the risks of sun exposure. The commitment to skin protection, essential in a city where sunbathing is a must throughout the year and the intensity of the sun requires maximum awareness, is the mission of the Miami Beach Suncare line, also in terms of information and awareness, to which is added that of becoming a tangible spokesperson for the charm of the most famous beaches in the world.

Miami Beach Suncare guarantees the best protection, hydration and nourishment possible for the skin exposed to sunlight. Miami Beach Suncare is committed to preserving its health and appearance by helping to reduce the risk of skin diseases and the early signs of aging caused by the sun through a "Triple Blend" formulation based on natural ocean extracts that enhance the effectiveness of the sun screens in preventing sun damage.