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Coquillete Paris

THE STORY - Coquillete Paris is the olfactory story of two women - Elise Juarros and Rosa Vaia - animated by the same passion for the perfumed world. It is during the olfactory creations for various fashion brands that their aspiration to develop their perfumes continued to grow until the day the two young creators decided that it was time to launch their project in the Autumn of 2012. -IL NAME - Coquillete is Elise's nickname when she was a child. A word that suggests spark, enthusiasm, joy, curiosity, but which also brings to mind a well-known type of pasta (typical Italian product). Paris: the city where Elise and Rosa met and where their creative partnership originated - THE CONCEPT AND PHILOSOPHY - Coquillete Paris is based on a vision of distinction and exclusivity. The brand is an example of a brilliant combination of French elegance and Italian "know-how". A concept of high perfumery cultivated with talent. Its rare perfumes illustrate an identity rooted in the values ​​of excellence and craftsmanship. With an independent approach, Coquillete Paris conceives perfumes for men and women of character who despise conformism, and who, on the other hand, are looking for something different that will mix with their individuality. Elise and Rosa passionately work on the different olfactory combinations, which are the results of constant and intense research, in which only the best raw materials act as actors, which are chosen with great care to ensure high quality perfumes. The perfumes are handcrafted in Italy. - OLFACTORY PATH - Coquillete Paris offers a collection of six unisex fragrances, in the Extrait de Parfum version. Herat, Sulmona, Moramanga, Sumatera, Tan-Tan and Tudor: six precious juices that have already conquered the senses of an audience of connoisseurs. Translating a universe of music, poetry and travel notes, these olfactory harmonies inspire the sensory undergrowth. The fragrances evoke distant scenarios, smells and rituals of different cultures. Experiences, memories, emotions and dreams are the other creative components of this collection dedicated to the journey to search for the best raw materials. The Italian-French brand also stands out for its fascinating and unique packaging which is made manually by Italian craftsmen. An unconventional way of presenting the Perfumes which, set in an elegant box, where the bottle and the packaging are a unique thing, show an essential, sober and elegant design. Made of cardboard and covered in black velvet, for a soft, warm and classic final touch. With its unusual shape, the packaging conveys the idea of ​​inseparability between the various components of the fragrances.