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Scelti per Te

Veld's Nature Primale

Veld is an Afrikaans word for the broad grassy and shrubby plains characteristic of South Africa. These arid meadows, due to the lack of rainfall and cold winters, occupy large areas east of Cape Town where a primitive, original, intact and preserved nature finds expression.

VELD'S draws inspiration from this remote and wild land and it is from its flora, rich in natural resources, that the brand name is born This land, renowned for its exceptional biodiversity, located in the Cape Town floral reserve, is a UNESCO protected region for the extraordinary richness of its wild flora The Bushmen, an indigenous people, had perfectly exploited and integrated the numerous botanical active ingredients of this rich and wild land into their care and beauty rituals.

From this wild Nature emerges another conception of beauty. A cosmetic capable of restoring its original beauty and primordial strength to the skin. A cosmetic developed on the fundamental commitment to preserve or restore the attributes of young skin in terms of substance, consistency, tone and brightness.