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Tuberose Gardenia Crema Corpo

Crema vaso 190ml.

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Crema vaso 190ml.
Light-textured all-over moisturizing creme silkens and smooths your skin. Luxuriously perfumed with the Tuberose Gardenia fragrance.
The modern yet timeless jar in opal glass surrounds the Body Creme. The cap is topped with a golden plaque.

Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia
Two magnificent white flowers captured in a luxurious, elegantly simple bouquet.
This exquisite fragrance combines the rich essences of precious Tuberose and exotic Gardenia. It was originally created by Aerin Lauder for herself and her closest friends.

Fragrance Type:Classic Rich Floral Top Notes

* Neroli
* Lilac
* Rosewood

Middle Notes

* Tuberose Nature Intact
* Gardenia
* Orangeflower Nature Intact
* Jasmine
* White Lily
* Orangeflower

Base Notes

* Carnation
* Vanilla Bourbon

To insure that the fragrance of Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia is as fresh, alive and true to life as the scent of the actual flowers in nature, Estée Lauder has used a very special technology called Nature Intact.

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Tuberose Gardenia Crema Corpo

Tuberose Gardenia Crema Corpo

Crema vaso 190ml.

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