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Vanille Abricot (EDT 100)


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Vanille Abricot

Eau de Toilette 100ml Vapo

A sweet and sensuous fruity vanilla, Vanille Abricot is like a warm apricot cobbler, sprinkled with powdered sugar and nestled against a scoop of hand-made vanilla ice cream (the kind with the tiny speckles of the vanilla bean still intact). Widely known for its man magnet abilities, it’s also made a name for itself as an amazing scent to “layer” other fragrances with (but we can’t tear our noses away from our wrists long to experiment). Warm, sugared fruit and delicate vanilla, it’s CSP’s best-seller.

Vanille Abricot Notes:
jackfruit, apricot, papaya, vanilla, sugar candy.

  • Capacity 100
  • Main Notes According Profumi Tropicali
  • Profile Unisex
Roberta B

Ottimo profumo, persistente ma non pesante, dolce ma non dolcissimo. La soave mescolanza dei suoi ingredienti trasmette gioia e calore a chi lo indossa e a chi lo percepisce. Davvero fantastico.

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Vanille Abricot (EDT 100)

Vanille Abricot (EDT 100)

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