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Amour de Cacao (EDT 100)


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Amour de Cacao

Eau de Toilette 100ml vapo

Chocolate...the true aphrodisiac of the senses. Oh, little cocoa bean, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways! Amour de Cacao takes you to the land of gentle chocolate and vanilla, where all rivers are made of Cocoa Puffs, orange trees drip with ripe fruit and bowls of creamy vanilla pudding wait just for you. Fun yet grown-up, Amour isn’t the scent of chocolate syrup; it’s the aroma of a box of chocolate truffles, lightly dusted with cocoa powder, begging you to dive in. People (and even animals) will gaze at you with shiny-eyed adoration in hopes that you’ll just get a little bit closer. You may even be tempted to eat your own arm off, but we wouldn’t recommend it.

Amour de Cacao Notes:
orange zest, cocoa bean, star fruit, vanilla pod.

  • Capacity 100
  • Main Notes According Profumi Gourmandes
  • Profile Unisex
Roberto C

Molto buono.Piacevole profumazione adattabile anche all'uomo.Ricorda le piacevoli profumazioni dei paesi esotici.

    Katia P

    Non mi piace. E' davvero come infilare il naso in una scatola di cioccolatini fondenti!!!

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    Amour de Cacao (EDT 100)

    Amour de Cacao (EDT 100)

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