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John Galliano (190gr)

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John Galliano


Since his first collection, all John Galliano's work has had a spectacular and theatrical spirit. From Diptyque he asked for a warm, heavy, deep and mysterious fragrance.

The decision landed fully on leather. A leather seen as crimson, very thin, like the Russian leather softened with birch essence, soft like a luxury fabric, both wild and sophisticated, that would smell of smoke and the brocket in a house perfumed with caravanserai.

Artemesia and sage to the fore, dried herbs sprinkled with still hot ashes. Hay-scented cumarin at the heart, with a fur and skin animal smell and a hint of iris placed like a delicate face powder. Finally, musk, for its ever-so-slightly vanilla-scented softness and its welcoming comfort.

For the box, the candle uses the John Galliano range's usual packaging, reproducing the front page of an English daily newspaper with headlines in semi-gothic letters on a sepia background.

The same goes for the co-signed label: the usual Diptyque frame runs all round the Galliano newspaper, mixing the two letter types like two designs made for each other. .

  • Ambiente Candle

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John Galliano (190gr)

John Galliano (190gr)


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