Daringly Dark 15ml

Daringly Dark 15ml

It provides anti-aging actives and stimulates the tan for an impeccable color

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Daringly Dark 15ml

Solar cosmetic with a high moisturizing power capable of stimulating a lasting amber color. Nutrients of botanical origin and active ingredients with antioxidant action nourish the skin for a homogeneous tan resulting from a smooth skin, free from imperfections and ready to react to the stimuli of UV rays in a uniform way.

Tanning technology:

• Ultra-Powerful Dark Intensifier: technology with a high intensifying and moisturizing power that uses the combination of Tyrosine and Glycerin to stimulate the activity of melanocytes in favor of an enhanced production of melanin.

Skincare technologies:

• Skin Soothing blend: Aloe Vera, Shea Butter and Blue Passionflower nourish and hydrate for a smooth skin protected from stress resulting from prolonged exposure to UV rays.

• Caffeine: nutraceutical active with a toning and firming action.

• Enticing Hemp Seed oil: Hemp Seed Oil for the supply of Omega 3 and Omega 6 with anti-aging action.

• Vitamin Elixir: combination of Vitamin A, B5 and E which fights free radicals by carrying out an effective antioxidant action.

• Craveable Conditioners: a gratifying blend of Coconut, Sunflower and Olive Oil, ideal for smoothing and moisturizing in favor of a homogeneous and imperfection-free tan.

• Tea Tree oil: Essential oil with bactericidal action capable of counteracting unpleasant odors resulting from exposure to UV rays.

• Fragrance: Fruity Coconut - Peach, Pineapple, Lemon, Coconut, Jasmine, Vanilla and Musk.


Anti-aging and tanning sun cosmetics contain high-performance active ingredients and technologies capable of nourishing and moisturizing the skin by carrying out a triple strengthening, rebalancing and anti-aging action. The infusion of superior quality skin care ingredients blends with patented blends capable of stimulating melanin, creating ultra-advanced anti-aging and tanning formulations.

In which period to use them? 12 months a year as moisturizers. Starting from March April to optimize and speed up the tanning capacity.

Vittoria Profumi's advice: For those who like to have an amber tan

EAN: 054402390610

Code: AGCB2371

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Daringly Dark 15ml

Daringly Dark 15ml

It provides anti-aging actives and stimulates the tan for an impeccable color

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