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Extremely gentle conditioner for all hair, frequent use. This is the line for hair that is washed frequently, even every day. Treatments that are ultra-gentle but also effective, thanks to ultra-targeted active ingredients. Suitable for all types of hair, they have been developed to ensure that they are very practical and fast to use.

Distribute evenly over washed and towel-dried hair, rinse thoroughly. Does not need to be left to act.



gentle softening agents: these give the hair moisture and shine, leaving it soft and easy to comb without feeling heavy.

moringa microproteins: a special anti-pollution complex that delays the deposit on the hair of dirt and impurities, typical of modern city life but delays dirt and impurities typical of modern city life but extremely harmful for the vitality of the scalp, being deposited on the hair, and makes them easier to remove. It leaves hair healthy, clean and perfumed longer.

illuminating fruit acids: from sugar cane, maple syrup, bilberry, lemon and orange, rich in alpha-hydroxy-acids, they help to smooth the fibre and give softness and shine to all the hair.

jojoba oil: it nourishes the hair fibre in depth, leaving hair glossy, moisturized and protected from external agents.


SLES/SLS: aggressive foaming agents that can have a drying action on hair and scalp.

parabens: preservatives that may create phenomena of irritation.

phthalates: softening substances that can be harmful for human health.

GMO: organisms which have had their gene pool modified by man. The repercussions their use may have on health and the environment are unknown.

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Ognidì (Delicate Balm)

Ognidì (Delicate Balm)


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