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Lorenzo Villoresi

Lorenzo Villoresi began to be passionate about the world of spices and essences since his first trip to the Middle East, in 1981. In those years he stayed abroad for long periods: fascinated by the markets and atmospheres of the places he visited, he brought back to Italy both spices, which he also likes to use in the kitchen, both essences and aromatic substances, which he often gives to friends and acquaintances.

In these years he began to experiment, distilling aromatic plants, making tinctures and creating the first formulas with essential oils, to satisfy the requests and wishes of relatives and friends. Thus begins to deepen the study of the world of aromatic materials and essences, extraction systems and composition techniques. With the end of the eighties and parallel to the first years of an academic career as a researcher of Ancient Philosophy, the world of perfumes became a real passion for him.

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