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The English perfumer James Heeley is the founder and owner of the eponymous luxury perfume house based in Paris, an independent reality that allows him to create with maximum freedom of expression. Fascinated by the world of perfumes, he learned the traditional perfume art over a period of over ten years, working alongside expert noses at the Grasse laboratories in southern France. He is among the leading figures of the new international artistic perfumery, a context in which he has managed to carve out a personal and sophisticated niche. In his fragrances he has always known how to create a perfect contamination between design and perfumery art, which is expressed in his approach to "design" the perfumes with an attention to detail that goes from the creation of the fragrances, to the choice of raw materials and to the study of innovative packaging, with undisputed elegance and refinement. For James Heeley, creating a perfume is equivalent to creating images and sensations. As with fashion, perfume has to do with attitudes, seasons, colors, trends, moments of the day and the different contexts in which it is worn: "there is a time and place for everything".

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