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INITIO, represents the return to the origin of the perfume in its original magical and sacred function.

As old as civilization, the perfume has always been used for its power and its effects on the body and soul.INITIO, represents the return to the origin of the perfume in its original magical and sacred function.An initiation to discover the perfume as an object of power.INITIO brings to life ancient knowledge and ancestral formulas, once reserved only for a few initiates. The power of nature mixed together with the magic of science to give rise to quintessence and olfactory masterpieces with a new emotional dimension. Substances with amazing effects and mysterious virtues that reveal the irresistible side of each person.

INITIO embraces four collections:

1. the ABSOLUTES, or the power of nature.

ABSOLUTES combine 4 rich and complex formulas with active powers. They use incredible resources: resins, plants, essential oils, combined with ancient traditions and human experience to create transcendence. Every single raw material has been perfectly measured and meticulously selected for its specific properties and its effects on men and women.

2. MAGNETIC BLENDS, when science becomes excellence.

MAGNETIC BLENDS come from a simple truth and that is that smells are able to influence the human brain and emotions. It is scientifically proven that humans naturally emit odors that are intercepted by the brain: pheromones. These chemicals play a crucial role in physical and sexual attraction. In collaboration with some of the best researchers perfumers, INITIO recreates the natural pheromone, "NATUROPRINT" also called "SUPERMOLECULE". A revolutionary molecule that faithfully reproduces the pheromone.

3. THE HEDONIST COLLECTION. This collection can be summarized in a question: what is the source of the hypnotic power of perfume? A hedonistic formula, source of feverish pleasure. The right equation between the highest quality and natural ingredients. It promises a return to the ecstatic pleasure of perfume.

4. THE BLACK GOLD PROJECT. Sacred geometry is based on powerful symbols that reflect the fundamental forms of nature, cellular structures and the universe. Based on these principles, the tree of life symbolizes the connection between earth and heaven, the connection between men and GOD. The same power resides in the oud, used in this collection.