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Bon Parfumeur

Bon Parfumeur perfumes and fragrances are a return to the roots of haute perfumery through olfactory creations with a contemporary concept that, with a different approach, is aimed at a new type of consumer who, by demystifying the realm of perfume, makes it more accessible. . As many as the number of existing emotions, Bon Parfumeur fragrances will give rhythm to everyday life through 21 different compositions that will allow you to affirm your personality with a tailor-made perfume: because perfume is above all a gesture to feel good about yourself. Bon Parfumeur fragrances can be experienced individually or they can be superimposed. The different ingredients blend harmoniously on the skin, revealing new and surprising smells. Everyone can thus obtain their perfect mix & match. The real luxury of Bon Parfumeur is found in this diversity and all this with an affordable price policy, without compromising on quality and originality and without ever betraying expectations. Bottles with minimalist elegance baptized with three-digit numbers, as if they were codes that indicate the DNA of each of the unisex formulas. The first number indicates the olfactory family (0 for the colonies, 1 for the floral ones, 2 for the fruity ones, 4 for the oriental ones, etc.), while the following numbers indicate the specific heart and base notes for each jus. Fragrances born from the creativity of perfumers of recognized talent, the brand claims 100% made in France luxury.


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