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Vittoria Profumi is the niche perfumery where you can find a wide choice of products for your hair from the best brands. You can buy different types of hair shampoos, conditioners and hair creams, restructuring, serums and anti-aging shampoos. Vittoria Profumi offers a careful choice of specific treatment to apply to your hair, choosing from products for curly hair, straight hair, ruffled hair, brittle hair.

You will also find a wide range of hair products dedicated to creating your style such as volumizing creams and sprays, gels, nourishing wax, restructuring wax and hair mousse rich in vitamins.

You can choose: ARC, Australian Gold, Bakel, Byredo, Diego Dalla Palma, Duptique, Frederic Malle, Jo Malone, Marlies Moller, Miriamquevedo,Narciso Rodriguez, Sansai, Shiseido.

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