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Creed Perfumes are unforgettable and unique. A collection of fragrances so "particular" that they can only be produced in limited quantities, both for the rarity of the ingredients and for the preciousness of the packaging. Celebrating 250 years of history, excellence and dedication to perfume. A dream come true for Olivier Creed and his son Erwin who with Les Royales Exclusives have given life to an ambitious project. Symphonies of rare essences, a combination of sweet and spicy smells, flowers, woods and precious blends of Haiti, Florence, Mysore, Amalfi, the Comoros islands. They contain ingredients that have marked the history of perfumery and thanks to the brilliant inspiration of Monsieur Creed they acquire a new light transforming themselves into unique, unparalleled and unmistakable interpretations. The fragrance is housed in a glass bottle conceived as a sculpture, finely carved and made entirely by hand. Oliver Creed elaborates his creations as a painter brings his canvas to life with small touches. You can find fragrances, vintage wines, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, huile parfume, scented candles, products for the body and for face and body treatments. Also perfect as a gift idea.


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