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“100 Years of Gratitude”

A secret handed down from mother to daughter.

A superlative remedy capable of restoring beauty to Elisa and her mother and skin that is indifferent to the passage of time.

A mysterious formula updated to return a unique recipe.

Dedicated to Elisa Fiandini
To all women and girls
their extraordinaryness

ELISA's story

A 101-year-long secret developed to give women of all ages a solution suitable for counteracting the micro-inflammatory processes that ignite and accelerate skin aging.

There are stories wrapped up
with charm and mystery…

Among these, there is the reality of Elisa Fiandini and a legendary oil that has accompanied her for over 100 years.

Since she was a child, Elisa noticed how her mother's skin remained perfect and supple despite the hardships, including climatic conditions, imposed by rural everyday life. One of her merits was certainly referred to the oil that the worldly mother often used.

The mother, Maria Ghilardelli, used this oily liquid several times a day to massage the face and parts of the body exposed to the bad weather of the rice fields: a few drops of the product were enough to nourish and restore the skin, without greasing or leaving traces.

The myth of this story begins in 1930, the year in which the girl's family moved to Genoa.

There, as a girl, Elisa met Giovanni Tonolli: the one who made her mother discover that oil. The man is a world traveler who, returning from his usual travels, pays homage to Maria with this unique and rare and, in many respects, mysterious product. Elisa becomes his friend.

The young Elisa grows up facing different eras, characterized by the determination to become independent (she obtains the elementary school license to become a cigar maker) and constantly enhancing her femininity.

She does it too, exhibiting healthy and shiny skin, almost indifferent to the passage of time, thanks to the use of the product that made her discover her mother.

Thanks to a pharmacist friend, Elisa manages to discover the nature of that oil: an unusual blend of natural oils.

The research is intended to keep the maternal memory alive. For years, Elisa shares this "secret" only with people close to her.

One day, she happens to meet a well-known cosmetics figure who is deeply fascinated by the "case" and she talks about it with entrepreneurs from Brescia.

The desire to share this blend of experiences with as many people as possible is the basis of the plan of an eclectic group of professionals: from the pool of cosmetologists of the prestigious Ancorotti Cosmetics, a top-level global reality, led by Dr. Emanuela Mori, to Dr. Andrea Bovero, university professor and president of the World Spa Organization.

Clinical tests and in-depth research on the origins and peculiarities of each individual ingredient have motivated the uniqueness of the product's performance up to amplifying its effects.

A 100-year tradition.
From mother to daughter.
From woman to woman.

2022 marks the year in which this oil will become accessible to anyone wishing to discover its extraordinary benefits and visible advantages.

100 years of SAFETY.

Such a unique and precious oil could only be called "100 YEARS".