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Pierre Guillaume Paris

An extraordinary collection of fragrances animated by the great creative freedom of the composer, Pierre Guillaume. There are 4 collection: Collection Numeraire, Collection Noire, Collection Croisiere, Collection Blanche. 

Pierre Guillame's creations have original, unique and immediately recognizable olfactory personalities. Pierre Guillaume, making use of his studies in chemistry, discovered new production techniques, such as hyper-maturation or photo-affinage (a treatment of raw materials with UV rays), managing to use difficult essential oils, olfactory notes never used , for the creation of exclusive, bold, exciting fragrances. Pierre Guillame carries out the entire process of creating fragrances in its own laboratories, from the creation of the fragrances to the elaboration of the olfactory formula, up to the packaging. Aware of how the bond that unites an individual to his perfume is intimate and absolute. Pierre Guillaume does not simply try to create smells but emotions.

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