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Vegan & Organic

The demand for natural products is an increasingly growing trend worldwide. Consumers are increasingly attentive to what they put on their body which must be effective but above all pure and harmless and are becoming increasingly aware of the advantages of bioorganic cosmetics.

1 °) Vegan & Organic uses 100% of active ingredients of vegetable origin (therefore, beeswax is not even allowed) of the highest quality, carefully selected for their real treating efficacy and for 100% obtained from certified organic crops without therefore l use of pesticides or chemical components.

2 °) It must be safe, demonstrably effective and above all functional, that is the percentage used of the active ingredients must be very high and such as to determine a real functional action on the skin "clinically proven". It is not correct to affirm the presence of an active ingredient if this is not in a percentage such as to perform an effective treating action on the skin.

3 °) The line is also designed so that the products simultaneously have multiple treating functions and is totally handmade, taking care of the production in an artisanal way, one piece at a time to ensure maximum quality, using only recyclable packaging and labels printed with ecological inks. . Unique and extraordinary features that make it the first cosmetic line ever made.

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