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Jovoy is the contraction of her nickname 'Joe' and 'Voy' from the name of her husband (Esteban Arvoy). JOVOY perfumes are particular and elegant. The maison, with the crisis of 1929, is completely reworked by Blanche Arvoy who takes the decision to create a new brand: Corday (in admiration for Charlotte Corday, who killed the revolutionary Marat). The Jovoy brand falls asleep and all her perfumes remain under Corday. In the 1960s, with the death of the creator, both brands went out of business for good. In 2006, François Hénin decides to give new life to the brand. He chooses not to reproduce the first perfumes that are now too distant from modern standards (fragrances that are too strong, new constraints in the sector for allergens, raw materials impossible to find or never produced again or unfortunately replaced by synthetic ones). JOVOY is transformed into the largest and most independent artistic perfumery space in France. Jovoy launches 6 new fragrances judged to be more visionary than the previous ones and appreciated by experts for the choice of quality raw materials. The brand is recognized for being much more mature, which is probably the key to the growing success that both the store and the JOVOY perfumes are having.