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Scelti per Te


Floraïku Paris is a French perfume house founded by Clara and John Molloy in 2017, passionate about Asian culture and its sense of refinement, which uses its olfactory know-how to create unique fragrances. Floraiku fragrances are named after haiku, which are small 3-line poems written by the co-founder of the brand, who is also a poet. Originating from Japanese literature, haiku travel abroad through the magic of words and poetry, to be shared universally and to bring people together. The specific haiku of each perfume gives it its character. Then, each fragrance belongs to one of our 3 collections, which pay homage to different ceremonies that are part of Asian culture, where flowers, tea and incense play an important role. Floraïku fragrances are composed in the same way; a short formula that showcases valuable natural ingredients.


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