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UERMI' Fragrance Collection


Perfumes and fabrics share an elective affinity with our skin. Both are literally worn by us, becoming a subtle or strong expression of our personality. That is why UERMI = WEAR ME = INDOSSAMI. Perfumes and fabrics caress and gratify in real time our senses… smell, sight, touch in particular. They powerfully evoke memories. An old pair of velvet pants or jeans, a tweed jacket, a silk tie or a scarf, a cashmere sweater … can reistate a fragment of our past. A fabric, just as a perfume, can make us travel through time.


in its concept and manufacture, an olfactive research in collaboration with three talented French noses, amongst the most creative of the great Japanese Fragrance Producer Takasago: Jean Jacques, Philippe Bousseton, Antoine Lie. They have created for us beautiful ‘olfactory answers’ to provocative questions like… ’if you think of velvet or silk or tweed… what kind of scent would come to your mind?’ Each free interpretation is always very personal, thus intriguing. The artistic perfumery at its best finds again its origins: research and craftsmanship in every single detail.