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A new beauty

Shiseido has always wanted to do things differently. The moment Arinobu Fukuhara opened the doors of his Ginza pharmacy and welcomed the first customers, marked the beginning of a company that changed the canons of beauty. It was 1872, and the founder of Shiseido had just inaugurated Japan's first western-style pharmacy. To guide it a noble inspiration: "use the resources of the world to create something new." More than 140 years later, Shiseido continues to merge Eastern and Western philosophies and innovations to act as a source of inspiration for beauty, intended primarily as Japanese spiritual beauty, for women around the world.

Beauty is an emotion to share; a diversity that unites. When a person feels beautiful and confident he can only feel inspired to dive into the world and to exercise a positive influence in the lives of others. By inspiring empathy, beauty is revealed as the maximum expression of positivity. True beauty comes from the soul.

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