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Miriamquevedo hair products specialize in the most advanced anti-aging hair and scalp care. Their essence is the creation of high-performance cosmetics that are based on a unique combination of exclusive active ingredients with the highest concentrations, to fight the aging process with exceptional results. There are five hair care treatments created with the most advanced technologies: Extreme Caviar, an intensive anti-aging line to regain vitality, elasticity and protect the hair and scalp; The Sublime Gold, is an anti-aging treatment line that redensifies and revitalizes the hair, giving it youth, nutrition and regeneration; The Platinum & Diamonds provides nutrients and antioxidant properties, to restore ultra-volume and extreme silkiness to the hair; The Glacial White Caviar protects, hydrates and intensely regenerates the hair from the inside; a line that recovers natural beauty for a more delicate hair and scalp care. The latest new line is the Black Baccara with Rosa Alpina and Rosa Black Baccara stem cells.


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