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Laboratorio Olfattivo

Olfactory Laboratory is the result of a project born in 2009 from the passion of Daniela Caon and Roberto Drago for the world of artistic perfumery.

A collection that boasts 23 Eau de Parfum, The Olfactory Laboratory is also an environment, with a collection of 16 fragrances for the environment and an assortment of products for personal hygiene. A project that works on pure creativity.

The philosophy of the Olfactory Laboratory is all contained here "The gods create smells, men make perfumes." The birth of a new perfume never takes place from a market need or from a marketing studio, but from the need to tell a story ... The story of a memory, a journey, a sensation. Knowing how to enclose this universe of suggestions and atmospheres in a bottle makes the fragrances of the Olfactory Laboratory products of inestimable value.

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