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Majda Bekkali

Smell, aesthetic beauty and tactile pleasure .... .... when perfumes meet art.

Artistic director of important brands of prestigious perfumery, the Parisian Majda Bekkali studies and understands the secrets of the raw materials and alchemy of their mixing, realizing in 2009 her most intimate dream: to create a brand that bears her name and interprets the his passions.

Its scents come to life from the fusion of olfactory emotions and attention to aesthetics in a meeting between art and high craftsmanship. A collection of Eaux de Parfum, bold fragrances with strongly evocative names proposed in unmistakable round bottles that are born to be caressed. Exceptional noses have been involved by Majda Bekkali to give life to her collection of perfumes. From Dorothée Piot by Robertet to Marina Jung-Allegret known creator and teacher at ISIPCA in Versailles, from the great Bertrand Duchaufour independent "nose" to the young Cécile Zarokian, already author of numerous fragrances and scented candles for the author's perfumery. Art lover Majda Bekkali feels the need to keep her fragrances in bottles that satisfy all the senses. Thus was born a line of Extrait de Parfum in a limited edition in which the fragrances are kept in authentic glass sculptures, to underline the emotional power of perfumes as an art form expressed and amplified by the beauty of the shapes of the containers inspired by them. Created by the mastery of sculptors and made of Baccarat crystal from the genius of the master glassmaker Etienne Laperlier, the sculptures sublimate the olfactory experience by intertwining it with the visual and tactile one. Authentic olfactory works of art that underline and amplify the contents of the fragrances.