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Teatro Fragranze Uniche

From the idea and passion of three women supported by the experience of perfumers friends comes "Unique Fragrance Theater". A limited edition line created by the olfactory creativity of Sileno Cheloni with the most innovative production techniques but with the same spirit of the ancient Florentine master perfumers. A "nose" that blossomed through an important meeting in the Middle East with a Sufi master. Trained in Grasse, where he learned "to create a fragrance starting from the use of the purest, most precious raw material", he then exploded in London with Roja Dove, one of the most important perfumers in the world.

"The goal of Teatro Fragranze Uniche was to create a perfume that identifies that place in homes, businesses and offices, creating a multisensory experience capable of fixing the image in memory through smell". a line of fragrances for the environment and for the person strongly characterized by the eco-friendly and low environmental impact approach from the first to the last drop. The caps are made of wood, the glass of the bottles is recycled as well as the paper used for packaging. It will also be possible to buy refills in 100% recycled PET. The green choice also characterizes the production of the fragrances themselves: less alcohol and a higher concentration of completely natural and more resistant Essential Oils in the air where the diffusion takes place through sticks of pure wicker known for its capillary properties.

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