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In 2019, the Foamie team decided to make a complete switch to plastic, because exceptional cosmetic products do not require plastic or microplastic packaging. Since then, we've sold 12.4 million Foamies.

The revolution in the bathroom - towards a plastic-free bathroom! Foamie is reinventing the bath routine with plastic-free products that work, smell amazing, and leave a visible, tangible impact on skin and hair. Since the first product, the Foamie family has continued to grow: hair care for different hair types, solid care for shower and facial cleansing, as well as dry shampoo, body butter, products for men and children and many other products innovative soon.

Reduce plastic

Each of Foamie's products is productive enough to replace up to 2 plastic bottles of conventional products – 19 million plastic bottles have already been saved. That's about 544 tons of plastic waste.

Minimize water consumption

In its solid form, Foamie saves water because its solid formulation contains a maximum of 10%* water. By comparison, liquid products contain 75-85% water. So everyone can make a big contribution to a better environment with their "little" piece of Foamie - and without compromise. Plus, Foamie is vegan. With the soap-free and pH-optimized formulation, Foamie products clean particularly gently and effectively without drying out.

Ocean cleaning

is a non-profit organization that collects up to 50,000 kilograms of waste from the ocean every day with their solar-powered "Interceptor" and puts it into the recycling process. In addition, they also want to clean up already existing waste vortexes in 2021 with an innovative ocean cleaning system. Projections show that the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the largest of the five garbage gyres, could be reduced by about 50% in just five years thanks to the collection systems used. With recurring fundraising campaigns, we are delighted to be able to support the team around "The Ocean Cleanup". Furthermore, you can simply round up the bill with each order and the amount will go directly to the charity! Together towards clean oceans - Let's make the sea plastic-free!

Did you know Foamie is NOT SOAP?

You might think so at first, but look closer and you'll quickly see the differences. The rough shape might remind you of a simple soap, but is that really the case? A plain soap is often a block of a rectangular or round shape. Foamie solid care, on the other hand, is designed to make a difference. This is because it is perfectly suited to the function at hand: there are therefore different shapes for the head, body and face respectively. Plus, Foamie always thinks one step ahead: so there are additional functions that ordinary soaps don't have. The shower products have cotton elastic bands for hanging them and also a massage effect. So if you take a closer look, you can see the difference right away.
But what other differences are there?

Well, Foamie not only doesn't look like soap, but Foamie isn't soap either. That's right, Foamie products clean without soap, but with particularly mild, pH-optimized cleaning substances. Phew, it sounds complicated, but it's not. An active scrubber simply ensures that dirt can be removed from your skin and hair in water, so you'll be really clean. And to make sure your skin and hair feel beautifully cared for afterwards, the formulation is pH-optimized so it doesn't dry out. Really cool, right? And by the way, solid care is totally plastic-free, so it's clean all round.


Animal welfare and environmental protection are very important to us at Foamie. We are particularly focused on protecting marine habitat so that by 2050 we have no more plastic than fish in the sea. To this end, we would like to contribute by committing ourselves to the marine habitat of animals and actively working to clean up the seas and beaches so that we can continue to provide suitable habitats for wildlife.
Foamie is 100% plastic free and as cheap as two shampoos in plastic bottles. While this is a great step, it alone won't stop ocean pollution, as there is still too much plastic out there. That's why we are happy to work with two great partners: "Cleanhub" and "The Ocean Cleanup".


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