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Scelti per Te

La Prairie

What if regaining youth didn't just mean adding years to life, but adding life to years? La Prairie has managed to tame four rare ingredients: platinum, gold, caviar and white caviar, to pay homage to timeless beauty. La Prairie offers you the finest luxury skincare and top-of-the-range makeup products and turns your beauty routine into a ritual ... The revitalizing and anti-aging scientific essence of La Prairie. A closely guarded secret for almost 40 years. La Prairie celebrates the grandiose immensity of the mountains - their majesty, their imposing height and perfect silence; their cold mineral colors and angular peaks that conceal the depth of their mystery. At the same time, La Prairie draws inspiration from the depths of the sea, from their mysteries and their metamorphoses, where light and water dance together and the horizon tirelessly shapes the seabed


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