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Scelti per Te

Keiko Mecheri

Keiko Mecheri's Perfumes are rebellious by nature. While our society is becoming more and more shaped by brands, Keiko Mecheri chooses to be the antithesis, to follow her own instinct and path. The line is far from sterile and costly group strategies, as such development methods would certainly lead to the creation of boring and insignificant perfumes. Born in Atami, Japan and raised in Beverly Hills, California, she studied Design and Art History at UCLA. She graduated, she embarked on the exploration of abstract painting, starting to travel around Europe in search of inspiration for her art. It was in Paris that she met her future husband, Kamel Mecheri, a highly regarded stylist and designer. From their union, perhaps due to a kind of mysterious alchemy, something magical was born. When the couple considered the idea of ​​launching a line of different fragrances, the ideas exploded and merged: with no previous experience in the field of perfumes or chemistry, Keiko and Kamel know exactly what they like and take advantage of this intuition by creating enchanting perfumes. While many other perfume companies are tied to the costs of the materials needed to create essences, Keiko Mecheri tries to stick almost exclusively to rare natural elements. Keiko Mecheri's fragrances invoke the infinite depth of each perfume. They must be enjoyed by true connoisseurs, those who really love perfumes. The perfumes speak for themselves, their tenacity is prodigious. With a unique, refined and highly personal style, Keiko Mecheri is slowly revolutionizing the world of perfumes: through careful and rare tricks, Keiko Mecheri's perfumes are an explosion of exceptional olfactory notes, created in order to inspire pure emotions.