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Bullfrog is a brand that brings together the tradition of the world of grooming and innovation for hair and beard care. Born in 2013 from an idea by Romano Brida, a former manager who decided to change his life. “I felt like the frog in Noam Chomsky's metaphor,” he says. “The frog, first immersed in warm water, feels at ease. As the temperature of the water rises, however, it gradually finds itself boiled, without the strength to escape."

It was at that moment that Brida, together with his wife Anna Maria Negri, co-founder of Bullfrog, after a trip to New York, decided to relaunch the great tradition of Italian barbering by contaminating it with American expertise. Born with a 20 square meter barbershop in the Isola area of ​​Milan, Bullfrog turns ten in 2023 and can count on nine shops in Italy, five abroad and a constantly growing distribution network.