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Kilian Paris

Kilian Paris perfumes tell stories and emotions. Kilian Hennessy, born in one of France's most illustrious Liquor dynasties, transforms the sensitivity and vision inherited from his ancestors into the world of fragrances. The pursuit of the most absolute luxury and his bold and revolutionary approach define his namesake brand: KILIAN. Founded over a decade ago in 2007 by Kilian Hennessy, the KILIAN PARIS brand was launched with ten fragrances that tell of love and its prohibitions, sin and innocence, darkness and light - a duality that continues to shape creations, aesthetics and KILIAN's narration. Today, KILIAN offers a menu of fragrances within four olfactory families: The Fresh, The Narcotics, The Cellars and The Smokes. From the dark Cognac cellars of his childhood memories, to the most elegant evenings in Paris where desires roam free ... KILIAN explores the space that the fragrance touches in a powerful, invisible and irrevocable way.


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