Fusion Sacrèe - Obscure

Fusion Sacrèe - Obscure (EDP)

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Fusion Sacrèe - Majda Bekkali


L’ Artisan’s Bertrand Duchaufour is the nose behind Fusion Sacreé for him, and his masterful hand has created a perfume so deep, warm and boozy-woody thick/sweet that our eyes rolled back in our heads and we started muttering incoherently. It opens with a flourish of opulent spices and a brush of lavender…but it’s quickly bowled over by an aged wooden cask of rum. It’s a big, bold frigate ship of a fragrance, its wild and unbridled boozy notes enriched by coffee, spiked by cloves, sweetened by vanilla & caramel, and touched with tuberose. Narcotic and emotional, if it were a color, it would be dark brown and resinous... slow-flowing and teeth-grindingly delicious.

Fusion Sacree - Lui Notes
Rum, citron, celery, sweet orange, neroli, cardamom, lavender, davana, bergamot, white coffee, tuberose absolute, cloves, geranium, sweet william pear, liquorice, benzoin resinoid, opoponax resinoid, ambergris, cedar, sandalwood, vanilla, caramel and musk

Perfumer: Bertrand Duchaufour

  • Main Notes According Spicy Perfume
  • Profile Masculine Fragrances

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Fusion Sacrèe - Obscure (EDP)

Fusion Sacrèe - Obscure (EDP)

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