Addictive Vibration (EDP 90)

Addictive Vibration (EDP 90)


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Addictive Vibration by Initio Parfums Prives

Eau de Parfum 90ml Vapo

Absolute Collection 


From “The Absolutes” Collection, Initio Parfums Privés presents their pulsating and enslaving "Addictive Vibration" Eau de Parfum.

Amidst a sea of gorgeous apple blossoms and delicate white orange blossoms the newly awakened life of spring pulsates in all its glory. Tart yet delicious honey notes refine the creation and along with sensual spicy vanilla and a dash of the finest musk let us guess that here the mysterious forces of love and lust are at play.

"Addictive Vibration" is pure feminine vitality. First, the creation is a naive, innocent, almost girlish spring fragrance but slowly lets its enticing and addictive facets shine through. By the time we realize that that the fragrance has captivated us, we have already been seduced by its wearer.

Initios „The Absolutes“ and „The Magnetic Blends“
One brand, two ranges. The collections "The Absolutes" and "The Magnetic Blends" have been created to be mixed together. For a unique smell, a carnal signature, an olfactory fingerprint … you become the alchimist! An object of power … an insider secrecy.

INITIO Parfums Privés

"God creates odours, men Perfumes." Giono

Initio – Latin word has two meanings: "The beginning". The origin, a return to the essence of the perfume, in its original, magical and sacred function. Or: "I initiate". An initiation to discover the perfume as an object of power.

The origin. When perfume was the invisible link between earth and sky, between men and God: Perfume – per fumum – from the smoke. When perfume was used for its powers. Power to cure, to purify, to communicate with God, to seduce or to bewitch… the perfume, as old as civilisation has always been used for its power on the body and the soul.

Today, Initio brings back to life those ancestral knowhow and formulas, before reserved for few initiated only, blending raw materials from the best quality, known for their active powers when they are combined together … Combined to the magic of science to create quintessence. A substance with spectacular effects to reveal the irresistible side of every person.

  • Capacity 90
  • Profile Feminine Fregrances

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Addictive Vibration (EDP 90)

Addictive Vibration (EDP 90)

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