Bronze Sunshine 15ml

Bronze Sunshine 15ml

Intensifier with Natural Bronzer. Hydrates and gives an immediate surface color.

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Bronze Sunshine


They are tanning products enhanced with the addition of immediate bronzers (also called natural bronzers or instant bronzers): that is, natural pigmentants such as Henna, concentrated extract of Black Walnut, Caramel that give an immediate surface color without leaving stains or streaks.

What are natural bronzers? They are natural pigmenters such as, for example, henna and black walnut shell that give an immediate additional color that lasts 1-2 days.

Technologies and Details:

  •     Nature Bronzers: Walnut Seed Oil and Black Walnut Extract work in synergy for an immediate and homogeneous color
  •     Soft Skincare: Vanilla extract develops a golden and luminous tan
  •     Decadent Moisturizer: Shea Butter and Vitamin E blend to perform an effective moisturizing action for smooth skin with a uniform color.
  •     Sunflower & olive oils: Sunflower and olive oils combine to give the skin superior hydration in favor of a smooth skin with a flawless tan.
  •     ATO Defense: Formula capable of originating the onset of unpleasant odors deriving from exposure to UV rays

• Fragrance: Orange Dream.

LINE: They are the bronzers with the greatest darkening power as, in addition to the infusion of immediate / natural / instant bronzer, they contain a small percentage of DHA-based self-tanner and, in some cases, erythrulose. a dark and intense tan resulting from a triple action: UV rays, immediate / natural / instant bronzers and self-tanners.


Anti-aging and tanning sun cosmetics contain high-performance active ingredients and technologies capable of nourishing and moisturizing the skin by carrying out a triple strengthening, rebalancing and anti-aging action. The infusion of superior quality skin care ingredients blends with patented blends capable of stimulating melanin, creating ultra-advanced anti-aging and tanning formulations.

In which period to use them? 12 months a year as moisturizers. Starting from March April to optimize and speed up the tanning capacity

Vittoria Profumi's advice: Suitable for those who want an immediate delicate color and do not like self-tanning.

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Bronze Sunshine 15ml

Bronze Sunshine 15ml

Intensifier with Natural Bronzer. Hydrates and gives an immediate surface color.

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